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Liberty Blog

Why a Liberty Blog?

Anthony McCloskey

I've had a variety of blogs over the years, some like the warblog I maintained while I was on deployment in Afghanistan, were wildly successful while others turned out to be flops. Around 2008 I found myself pretty busy in my day-to-day life and simply did not have the time to maintain a blog. It was not long before time that I joined Facebook (yes I was late to the game) and I began using Facebook as my primary outlet for expression. Over time, my personal political posts got shorter, and I began simply liking and sharing the posts of other like-minded individuals and organizations. It was the sort of intellectual laziness that Facebook really seems to encourage. 

The problem with that is the fact that "like-minded" does not mean "same-minded". So from time to time, I might share a post that I only agreed with partially, or mostly, or a post I agreed with when seen from a very specific point-of-view (mine). Almost none of these posts or memes were necessarily exactly how I would have worded them, but they (for the most part) were close, or at least on the right track. Unfortunately, this would consistently lead to a lot of people misunderstanding posts, or reading deeply into things that I had shared on a whim, and I began to find myself defending other people's creations and my reasons for sharing them. The whole mess became exhausting and not at all fun. 

I also realized that there are many of my Facebook friends who don't care what I think, and are not looking for any form of open honest debate or discussion about anything meaningful. Many are content to look at cat pics, and family photos and roll on, and that is okay. But it means that my posts could make their Facebook experience less enjoyable, and though I like to poke the beehive, I rarely set-forth with the intention of pissing anyone off,  let alone my friends.

So the obvious solution to me was to start writing again, on my own site. This way, people who have an interest in what I have to say or who want to debate with me, have access to me and my writing; and those who just want to see pictures of my son and my pugs can continue to enjoy that in peace on Facebook. Of course this has the added benefit of not only allowing me greater self-expression (and the mental exercise that comes with that), but it also means that when I need to defend my posts, the work I am defending really is my own.

So on this site, you will find my brain droppings about all the things I may have formerly written about on Facebook: Liberty, Money, Military & Veterans & some random stuff. With any luck, the posts I make here will be better, more stimulating and well thought-out. I hope my readers (if I ever have any) enjoy.

Welcome to LibertyWhip!